Can Yoga improve your sleep?

During the course of our lifetime, we spend a third of our time asleep and yet insomnia and sleep disorders have become a 21st century epidemic. Now with the onset of Lockdowns around the world and the uncertainty and anxiety of dealing with Covid-19, many people’s issues with sleep have only worsened. Whether you find it hard to get to sleep; struggle with waking up in the night or never feel fully rested, insomnia can result in a myriad of symptoms including low mood, irritability and lack of concentration as well as exacerbating existing mental and physical health conditions. The good news is that the practices of yoga and meditation can support a better night’s sleep.

I trained with Sleep Yoga expert Lisa Sanfilippo who has developed a 5-step Sleep Recovery programme to support you to get a better night’s rest. The bedrock of the programme is the Sleep Sequence, a series of simple postures and stretches designed to create deep relaxation in the muscles that prepares the body for sleep. This is combined with breath practices, simple meditations, restorative poses and other tips and techniques to re-set your relationship to your sleep.

I will be offering a one-off workshop on Lisa’s Sleep Recovery programme on Friday 15th May at 6.30pm. For more info and to book click here.